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Emotions are the invisible parts of literature that have not fully being explained by many. A few websites have taken their time to discuss them and I’ll point us towards these websites next week before we even progress fully into our own discussion

Merriam-Webster Dictionary puts it as:

A conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as a strong feeling usually directed towards a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in their bodies

There are two classifications of emotion we would be focused on in our later days.

  • Primary emotions: there are at least 8 primary or basic emotions- fear, Interest, Joy, Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Surprise, and disgust.
  • The Complex emotions: this is also referred to as mixed emotions. Here, a person can be disappointed and sad at the same time. For example when a person loses a job interview, the character might be disappointed he wasn’t chosen but is excited because he would use that as an opportunity to visit the beach, he or she had always had the intention of visiting. 

However, there are some basics emotions that are peculiar to Nigerians. These ones are those that have been observed in Nigerian setting and I’d be discussing them regularly. Every Sunday, we would play with the emotions of characters and put them to use here. But not to play to chances, while we have the aim of showing emotional usage in the Nigerian settings, we would ensure we focus on emotions of international bodies.

As we progress, I’ll move from one body parts to another while discussing the various type of emotions. These are essential in your regular usage of emotion in writing.

There are times you won’t ever need to describe the emotions of your characters, all you would need to discuss their actions and that would be understood by your readers. For example, squeezing invisible paper  while staring into space conotes someone is deep in thoughts. There would be so many that would used encourage as you go by. Please either subscribe or visit www.writertain.com regularly.