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Today, we would be discussing the concept of self-publishing. Because of the way the concept or the word has been used, many people simply assume that self-publishing is limited to hard copies only. So, whenever they don’t get the chance to publish an hard copy of their story, they just assume they are not supposed to be referred to as an author. That’s a big misconception and should be done away with.

The process of Publishing is simply

  1. Write
  2. Edit
  3. Format
  4. Make Book Cover( Optional but useful)
  5. Print( Optional)

Now, the last two are not compulsory because;

* If you’re publishing an eBook, you might decide not to use a cover. A very good example are books gotten in PDF format. The Celestine Prophecy as well as others might not have a book cover but might have a cover page. There are very good examples below.

Love and Marriage

* Printing is not compulsory in the sense that you don’t need to publish it in hard copies before people read it.

From all indications, you can say that Self-publishing is the publishing done and controlled by the author. He or she might not necessarily be the one involved in all the processes, but he or she pays for the finalisation of the work. Therefore, your self-published books can either be eBook format or hardcopy or pamphlet or even website (example www.globalruns.com).

Examples of such self-published books are 

1.  29, Single and Nigerian by naijasinglegirl, which was first published in hard cover and now the 3rd ranking on Okadabooks

Naijasinglegirl's book

2.  Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L James: this book started out as a fan fiction but later became a book sold on print on demand and still has eBook version.

50 Shades of Black

As we progress, we would enlighten us on the processes involved and would update us self-publishing companies in  Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Do subscribe to www.writertain.com for regular updates.

Meanwhile be truthful o. before you read  this  article, what do always see self-publishing as?