About Writertain E-Publishers

Why Writertain E-Publishers

Writertain E-Publishers started as a way to ensure Nigerian writers make reasonable amount of money from e-publishing and from writing generally.

Places We Would Be Publishing

For now, we would be restricted to Okadabooks and Smashwords.

Why You Should Publish With Us For Okadabooks and Smashwords

Okadabooks requires that an author makes ten thousand naira before you can withdraw your money. While this is a brilliant idea, many authors cannot get to this position even at the end of two years. 

More so, Smashwords publishing can also be limiting to an extent especially with the case of money withdrawal and sales.

You should use Writertain because of:

  1. Reference and Population: since a lot of people would be publishing through us, it would be easy to find your books through our various means of advertisements.
  2. Marketing and Advert: since these books are published through us, we would ensure we advertise them on our different platforms. Personal advertisement on Okadabooks cost is good but should be used if you are ready to spend a lot before making sales. We would advertise books appropriately.
  3. Editing of works: Since our reputation is also at stake here, we would be involved in the editing processes of the work. We would pay editors to make the work better and suitable for publishing.
  4. Book Formating: we would format the book to the taste of the readers and the various ebook publishers.
  5. Book Covers: unless you have a particular book cover you would like to use, we would be in charge of creating one for your book.
  6. Payment Method: since it isn’t easy to withdraw from these accounts, we would make a contract with you that would enable you get your money at the time stipulated in the contract with you. This means that you’re not concerned with knowing if we have collected our money from the sources or not.
  7. Eat, Sleep and Write: we will do the hardwork, you’ll keep writing and make your money.

 Advertisement Strategy

1. Our Website and our social platform: we are putting in a lot of resources into making our website one of the best for Nigerian Literature. Your book would get good exposure on the website.

2. HARO: we write for HARO. HARO means Help a Reporter Out. Here, we have different top newspapers getting articles for their website. We would gather the main theme of your book and pitch them to one of HARO journalists and that is an international exposure for your book.

3. Websites Ad: we would buy Ads on Facebook, Instagram and Nairaland just to advertise our company, indirectly your books. 

4. Posts: We would cull out the major discussions of your book and write articles on them for different websites like Nairaland, Hubpages, Quota etc.

and Many more methods…
How Do You Pay Us

The E-publishing firms pays differently. While Okadabooks would get 30% off the original sales, Smashwords can either collect 29.5% or 40% if the book was sold in one of their retailer shops.

Writertain would be taking 20% of the original sales.

For further question and enquiry, and to publish your work send a message to us at writertain@gmail.com. 
We would be expecting your messages.


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