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General Information 



Real name… 

Other name 

Special name: If he/ she has, why? Who calls him or her that name?  

Nickname: IF there is any what is its origin. Does he/ she love that name? 



Date of birth. 

Time ( if it is significant) 

Which celebrity was born that same day 

How was the weather that day 

Any major event that happen that day 

Place of birth. 



Reason for being born in that place 

Any exceptional thing about the hospital 


Ethnic Background 

Name of Ethnic 

Does he/she like to be associated?  

Reason for your answer.  



Type of religion 

Degree of practice: Devoted or Once in a while or Warm towards such religion 


Current Address 

Does he or she rent the place or own it 

Briefly describe the home 

Does he or she live with anyone 

Describe the area 

Is this his/ her ideal home 

If not, what does his/her ideal home look like? 


How is the decoration? Expensive or inexpensive 

How is the room? Well planned or ill-planned 

Comfortable or not. 

How neat is it? 

When someone walks in, what is his/her impression? 


Do they have pet?  

If No, why 

If Yes, what kind? 

How many?  


How important are they? How well are they treated? 



Current occupation 

Any other source of income 

Time spent in his current place of work. 

The location of the place of work 

Job title 

Job satisfaction- Happy, Discontent, Ambitious etc. 

Income level 




Cars he/she own 


Sexuality— Straight or Gay or Bisexual or Asexual or Unsure 


Marital status 

Single, in a relationship, or Married. 

If Married or in a relationship, with whom? 

For how long. 

List of any significant previous romantic partners 

What does the character call current spouse/partner i.e. pet name, nicknames etc. 

How did they meet? 



Any child(ren) 

If No, why. 

If yes, what are their names, age 

Were they mothered or fathered by another person? What is the name of their father or mother? 

Describe relationship with each child( if any) 


What do they smell like? 

DO they wear their scent i.e. perfumes 

Do they have a natural scent? 



How your character would had look like some years earlier.