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Matters of the heart are always best understood by the heart! Emotions are the basis for what we feel,how we feel and what we feel! On the basis of it being inclined towards of love or infatuation is almost as similar as the stars of the sky yet with difference to distinguish them!…let’s take a walk and revolve around the two fellaz! Love and infatuation …
Love -As simple and sweet to pronounce yet very delicate four lettered word! Only if it were easy to have a constant defination as other terminologies, buh hell no it depends on how it is being viewed and perceived! Well it’s known as boss of all emotions! But it is an indescribable element that has an enormous emotional pull. Love is an expression, a feeling,an action or even unknown too.
A relationship spiced up by love is one where there is mutual respect, kindness and a feeling of togetherness as ingredients! It allows the two parties involved to be mutually free with each other in major aspects that ecompasses them!
What is infatuation?
Obsession, addictive love, or lust- infatuation can knock you off your feet in much the same way as falling in love. However, feelings are often distorted by lack of perception, illogical thoughts and a focus on yourself rather than feelings on the person of your affection! ..
Infatuation is a one sided emotion that tend to blind most people into believing and thinking it’s love, most often which are inclined with trivia and obsession and lust too!
“‘I really like the way Diana dress, OMG she’s so hot and she has a good sense of humour, having a boring day,Diana will sure make ur night better”….
Infatuation is less of a deep connection with another person and more about an immediate need in yourself, hence the sense of urgency which is mistaken for love.
your always in a hurry to see the way she dress to kill just because your obsessed with her dsnt depicts your in love! Infatuation always has TIME as a great enemy because it’s short timed nd usually leave a scar behind because either or both the party get hurt when the period elapse! When your in love with a persons characteristics not with the person him/or self is really a big problem and a good example of infatuation,we do the magic ourselves we tend to like a characteristics in a person maybe one or two like the example stated above,he’s handsome, and he has a nice sense of humour then we change those characters to be the person only attributes and hence we fool ourselves that it’s love! So the moment he has a bad day and we don’t see or hear his comics then war sets in because of the foundation it was laid on total obsession with attributes! True love has always never been a bed of roses! The moment i say i love you i should be ready for the PAIN AND PLEASURE of being with you which is lacking in infatuation as it only deals with pleasure forgetting about pain!…Emotions are sustained in love and always used up in infatuation because it is time based! Sacrifices and time are usually revolving around love! since love is mutual the moment i said i love Diana i should be ready to sacrifice alot for her because it takes two to tango, i should sacrifice into what makes her happy because seeing her happy would also make me happy as love is mutual! It shouldn’t be a case of me always taking her to Mr biggs and expensive malls that’s total show off an element of infatuation! I would hide under her friends to get her handouts that she hasn’t bought and also pay her departmental dues not because shes broke or couldn’t afford it but because i have to sacrifice into seeing Diana archieve her goals,because then handouts are more important than frozen chicken!
It should be mutual on both sides as she also helps me! The general configuration of a man is that we are born winner’s, men hate losing that’s why the highest insult you can give to a man is to tell him that he’s a failure and a loser he will hate you for life! Love to men means total respect! As ladies are usually selfish in most relationship,it’s always centred on them! she dsnt care about the guys true feelings to life and others, The truth be told! men are as emotional as ladies just because we tend not to show it doesnt mean it’s not there it takes an extreme loving lady who understands the configuration of a man to be able to see that men are emotional! Ladies should take time,encourage their men, tell him his very handsome and that your ready for the battle life has to offer both of you! Tell him you know with him the future is bright! Motivate a man and see if dsnt make the whole world know of you! Men look but real men sees….Love should be mutual because its not one sided like infatuation that dies, Time has made love to stand and pass the test of all! Once you both see life in the same perspective you be in love forever as even forever would be little to you guys! Feelings are reciprocated, emotions grow daily and then physical and mental attractions falls in place for you both!….I believe in love, we both are a TEAM!
Me nd you are a TEAM!….whatever you lack,i got you, Same for you whatever i lack you got me!..we will balance each other out! have a bad day? well i promise you a better night! whenever you need support? I be your backbone! I keep you motivated till you achieve your goal desire…i be there always as long as you appreciate me and remain consistent you don’t ever have to doubt my loyalty! you got me,i got you i got us…I believe in you and I….we a team! Infatuation is always selfish and not goal minded!…
Folks! Take your time and make sure it’s worth your feelings, everything has a price but not everything is worth paying for!….Learn to love beyond what emotions feel!…Be patient! Don’t rush into anything that would later burn, Love requires two people seeing from the same view and perspective! Let it be worth it, if it ain’t then always be bold to say NO, don’t be sorry for being right, Always remember not to be fast and furious, trend cautiously to avoid having a scar you would always wish you could have avoided! Let God guidance and counsel lead you in all you do!
Remember every action you take daily strikes a chord that revibrates till eternity!

Usman Felix Ndako