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The character chart is a chart which is used to build that perfect character.

let’s check its uses.
1. connection: It helps writers connect to their protagonists, antagonists and all characters of their story. J.K Rowling knew so much about Harry Potter as well as other characters of her work that she wrote seven books about them.
2.Twist: It helps you to know the turn and twist you would give your story
3.Length: It effectively helps elongate the story. For example, in the book Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, you would discover that when Kambili’s sullen demeanour was discussed, many pages were used just to make people see how she behaves.

4. It prevents sloppiness: I.e. you already have the information of your character at hand and would make little or no mistake. How will you feel after finishing a story about a boy who just lost his mother and you discovered you have told us in the story that he was an orphan.
5. It reduces misinformation: It helps you prevent misinformation. There are some vital information, which if missed at a certain point would reduce the quality of the story.