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The aim of the writing collaboration is to try something new in the realm of writing. To us at Writertain, we see writing as fun and we feed on Creativity.
Registration is FREE
Prizes: For now, we are running on a need to be creative and to have fun. If you want to sponsor it, you can do so by contacting me at Akintayoakinjide0@gmail.com or Writertain@gmail.com

You can sponsor in the following ways

1. Graphic Design

2. Tellint others

3. Monetary Value

4. Encouraging the referees.

 Who We Need? 
1. CEO(s): This is the person in charge of encouraging the writers. Simply that. Since this is the testing phase. We would restrict it to only Nairalanders. Anybody that registers as a Manager would be in charge of giving his club a name. They have the right to pick Coaches.
2. Coach: this is the person laden with the job of ensuring the team members are well tutored. Anybody can register as a coach. But the CEO has the right to choose whomever they feel is worthy of their team. They have the right to pick team members.

Coaches would be picked before team members.
3. Team Members: only 4 members of the team can play at a time. That does not mean the team can only have four people. But for a starter, we are restricting the teams to 8 teams. So, all 8 teams must be filled before coaches can pick other people. This implies that until each team is full, no team can have more than 4 members. 

4. Referees: these are the police of the event. They are to judge if the story meets the standard of the competition.
For now, we need five referees. But the first person to register becomes the head referee.

 How The Game Would Be Played

* It’s simple. Every part written must be in 200 words.

* The first team would create a serene environment for the protagonist. The second team’s job is to always cause obstruction for the other team. 

*  Each team has 25 minutes to submit their works, which means each team will drop 4 works.

* Each team is to aim to end the story per time.

* The referees are to check for compliance with rules.

* A team’s 25 minutes starts after the other team member has dropped their work.

* The game stops at the end of 3 hours 20 minutes.

[b] How It Would Be Scored[/b]
*Each team starts with 100 points

* For meeting up with time, a team gets 5 marks.

* For not meeting up with time, 4 marks would be removed.

* a mark would be deducted for every spelling error.

* 5 marks would be deducted for word count above 200 words.

* 5 marks for every work that tried to conclude it( this is solely at the discretion of the referee.
Note: In case there is confusion, the conclusion is at the discretion of the head referee.
Location: Nairaland