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Naming your characters can be a difficult task. At times, many people mix up the names of their characters all in a bid to pick the best. And in doing that, so many people delve into the errors of forgetting to correct these names. At Writertain, we make it our business to enlighten you on that. This post would be briefly discussed, and would definitely be expanded in later posts. So to pick the perfect name for your character, try the following;
1. Consider the ethnicity: using a typical Nigerian setting, you can’t name a character Seyi, and then tell us he or she is from the northern Nigeria. To prove that, you have to show us his or her historical background at one point or the other. Ironically, your readers might first help you explain the reason you did that. But when you go far in the story, and your readers can’t find a means of juxtaposing the name and the background, you are beginning to lose them. The rope for captivating them is tearing, and if you don’t act fast, they might just fall into the ditch and refuse to come to your level anymore.

2. Generation: In Nigeria, especially, there are some names you can’t give to someone of the old generation especially Nigerian. Many people from the pre-colonial generations cannot be given an English name or have it as their middle name or whatever. Where as those born within the independence era must have an English name. It is considered to be a baptism name for those that became Christians. Many of them have a Biblical name, but not the new generation names. You can’t possibly call them Jett or Davis at that time.

3. Meaning of Name: You can google search names and their meanings. There are different websites that have taken it upon themselves to enlighten you about names. Explore them, and use them to your advantage.

4. Try to Avoid Long Names:  Avoid the repetitive use of long names, they are drawbacks in the telling of any worthy story. As little as the use of name might seem, they are some of the things that propel the love your readers would have for stories. After an introduction of their names, shorten it and use it on Official purpose only. For example: Oritsematosan, Evbenosawenemwinghaye, Okudibilomalebiloku, Oluwaboriesumole etc
What method is not stated here and has been useful in naming your characters.