Basic Plots You Should Never Over Look

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Let’s not waste time.



There are 6 basic plots for most of all fictions that have been used by all writers and may be used by writers without fear of plagiarism. These may be used alone or in combination and form the basis of nearly all story conflicts, for books, plays, movies, television programs, etc.  

1.Lost and Found – Person or object is lost and recovered Ex.: Lost or Home Alone  

2. Character vs. Nature – Character survives a natural calamity Ex.: Jaws  or  Volcano  

Character with a personal problem or goal – character solves it. reaches goal or changes attitude or feelings.  

3. Good Guys vs. Bad Guys – good guys usually win Ex.: The Three Little Pigs or  most westerns  

4.Crime and Punishment or Mystery and Solution – Character solves a mystery or crime and the culprit is caught or punished Ex.: Matlock or Murder She Wrote 

5.Boy meets Girl – Problems or misunderstandings arise; 

Characters resolve differences or clear up misunderstandings Ex.: Romeo and Juliet or Snow White or Cinderella   

 Which do you enjoy?