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There are times you overlook things, but not things like this. The beggar boy jumped back, and I wished I could accost the man that was shouting at him. But I had an obligation to be a gentleman. The man screamed again, ‘ don’t you dare use your filthy hand to touch my… Don’t touch my car’.

His wife said something, and he gave her a glare that she made her keep quiet.

I was another road user and felt for my wallet,  which, of course, I removed money from for the beggar boy. As I drove off, I was pained that I couldn’t intervene, but God bless Lagos traffic. It works with Karma. The man, still frowning and the beggar boy still trying to make an ends meet. Sorry if I deceived you, but the boy wasn’t really a beggar. All he did was to wash the windscreen of cars for a living, despite being dirty or not. 

As I tapped my fingers to the beat, an amazing thing happened. As usual, a Lagos state Danfo bus tried to maneuver his way to the front, just like his colleagues were doing. But he was the roughest. He got to a pothole that was still drenching from yesterday’s rain, just the same time the angry driver drove near the spot, behind me. The danfo driver splashed the brown dirty water on the flashy car of the angry man. 

‘ Oh my God’, the man shouted. In his anger, he stepped on his accelerator instead of his break or so it seemed, and hit me from behind. What a grand opportunity. I was a lawyer. As soon as the boy saw me getting out of my car and saw who hit me, he shouted, ‘The ting goes Skrrrat! Pap pap ka ka ka! Skidiki pap pap! And a pu pu drrrr boom! SKYAAA! Du du ku ku tun tun! Poom poom! ‘