​The Essential Core of Plots

Any good story-plot is always driven by two major things, and we would try to focus on them in series of posts. Most beautiful stories on earth are built on these two. Missing any of them or not balancing them can cause chaos in your story writing. There are a lot of stories built on them, and knowing about these would really increase the beauty of your story as well as readers’ engagement. The law behind story-writing is such that if you ever miss them the story would be dull. Okay, I know you want to know just what they are. They are Crisis and Conflict. These two elements are those that move the plots of stories. Knowing how to use either of them very well can really affect the ways your stories would be presented to the world. They would be discussed below:
Crisis: this is called the emergency, the catastrophe, or the predicament of the story. The crisis of a story is such that makes your character want to fight for another thing. The other amazing aspect of crisis is the fact that they come to a resolution. A crisis in your story can be when a meteor is crashing towards the earth or when the character’s family decides to send his wife, and the character must intervene. The major thing in crisis is that the character’s life is placed on its head, and that builds a good plot. For this crisis to be increased in a story, there are other things you must know, and if you follow Writertain, we would post it very soon. However, one of them is that you must have a great or tangible passion for such crisis. It must be something you can explore with finesse. 
Conflict: this is the twin brother of crisis. It is the numerous frictions that can be found in a single work of fiction. The truth is that if your story is only based on crisis, then you won’t make your readers care about your characters and that is not encouraged. Conflict can be the character’s wife anger towards him for leaving her alone while his family was treating her in such callous way.

Next week, we would talk about the major Keys to a great crisis. 

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