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Woli Agba Chronicles

No Dull Service..(2)

If you missed part 1, visit @woliagba_ayoajewole.
After what seemed like a dull service in episode 1. The episode began with Woli Agba and Dele trying to ease themselves of the tiredness that had enveloped the church. They engaged themselves in exercises that would aid that. Afterwards, Woli Agba asked Dele to preach.

With the mind of instilling the hot real word of God, he rushed to the front and hurriedly picked his Bible. ‘ Thank you Daddy thank you for this great opportunity. See, the title of my message is no dulling. Tell the person beside you no dulling’.

The congregation answered happily. Even Woli Agba, who was now seated, jumped up excitedly.

‘ Help me open your bible to the book of Titus 2 verse 4’.

‘ Me or the congregation?’ Woli Agba asked.

‘ It’s you sir’.

Woli Agba ready to learn from Dele rose, picked the bible, and quickly opened the bible like an altar boy. 

Dele clapped. ‘ See, no dulling. Your life must not be dull’.

He walked towards the congregation, but just then Woli Agba started reading the bible verse. 

‘ That they may…’.

Dele shook his hand and shouted, ‘ No…No. Leave that side, go to Jeremiah 7:2’.

‘Jeremiah…’ A spiritually hungry Woli-Agba said as he rushed to open the bible verse, and repeatedly said Jeremiah 7:2.

Dele, still frustrated at the way the first preacher had preached, clapped and  shouted, ‘ See, church your life must not be dull today’.

Reading the bible verse,’ Stand In…’

‘ No…No… Go to…’

Woli Agba  was poised to be humble enough to help. So, he asked, ‘ what part exactly are you searching for?’

Dele shook his head as if he was wrapping his head around an invisible rope. He clapped again. ‘ Read Kings Chapter 50’.

Woli Agba flipping through the bible, asked, ‘ the first or second’.

‘ No. Any of the Kings’.

‘ None of them has 50 chapters’.

Dele was surprised, but shook it off. ‘ Not up to 50? Okay, go to Psalm 119. From the beginning to the end’.

Flipping through the bible verse, still shaking, ‘ What verse?

Poised as if he wanted to spill a great information on the church and he needed to stand firm to avoid being drained from losing a lot of energy. ‘ From the beginning to the end’.

Flabbergasted, Woli Agba yelled. ‘ Ehn? Are you sane? From verse 1 to the end?’

‘ Daddy’, Dele shouted with frustration and hit his hand….
* Let’s wait for next update to know what happens.

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