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Continued from Last week, with @woliagba_ayoajewole for more.

‘ Anything… You don’t know what you’re saying’, Woli Agba shouted at Dele. ‘ I said Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the bible’.

He flipped through the bible vigorously, ‘ See…See’.

Infuriated by Woli Agba’s opposition, Dele cried, ‘ Daddy, I know what I’m saying by the time you get to verse 100, I’ll find what I want to use’.

‘ I should read 100 verses during Sunday service. You’re not okay. You’re mad’.

‘ Daddy’, Dele said and repeatedly knocked the table.

‘ In fact, you’re insane. You’re lunatic. Your brain is malfunctioning’.

‘ But Daddy you know that it’s holyspirit that’s working through me’.

‘ It’s an evil spirit. You don’t know what you’re saying’

‘Okay. Go to…’

Daddy sat dejectedly. ‘ I’m not going anywhere’.

 He rose and hit the bible. ‘ If you can’t preach without opening the  Bible, don’t bother preaching. I’m not opening anything’.

Dele faced the congregation. ‘ Okay. People of God, the title is no-dulling’.

Daddy rose and tapped him repeatedly. ‘ What’s no dulling?’

Now on the verge of losing his anger on Woli Agba, faced the church and bent a bit to explain himself. ‘ No dulling is not to dull. The children of Isreal weren’t dull and that was the reason they entered the red sea’.

Woli Agba placed his hands on his head, bemused. ‘ Dele… Ah… You’re dull. You don’t know anything about the Bible. No wonder you were shouting that we should open Kings. Which king do you want? Is it King Samuel or King Hezekiah? Which one do you want exactly?’

‘ I’m looking for King ….Oni of Ife’.

‘ You’re looking for Oni of Ife in the bible and you were disturbing me’.

Now if you’ve ever being in a case where your younger siblings played a prank on you on a bad day, you would imagine the state with which Woli Agba was infuriated. He lashed out repeatedly at Dele, stoning him first his slippers.