Describing High-Cost Estate

High Cost Estate



Mothers calling children to hurry for school, cars driving noiselessly through street, bikes coming in once-in-a-while, early morning music, dogs barking. Few intruders in the afternoon, cars cruising, occasional noises from children


Music blasting, faint voices of people arguing, Occasional noises, early silence in the night, car driving in for people that work late into the night.


Neat roads, flowers here and there; in most cases, houses that look alike, beautiful houses, guards or security, huge gates, high walls, huge dogs, one or two shops


Cynical people remember graveyard, loneliness, people trying to make friends with one another, arrogance and pride to prove wealth, people classing themselves.


Cold meat


Neat, cool air, bad smells from people who keep their waste-bin outside the house.
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