Chronicles of Woli- Agba- No Dulling Pt4

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Daddy returned with his sandal in his hand as he was kept ranting about how Dele was searching for Oni of Ife in the bible.

Dele returned to the front, on his knees, hand clasped as he begged WoliAgba, ‘ Daddy, I’m very sorry. In fact, I will change the topic’.

‘ Don’t change the topic. Don’t even preach. Don’t change the topic’, Woli Agba shouted.

Dele looked surly. Woliagba turned to him.

‘ Okay… If you want to preach what do you want to change the topic to? To what?’

‘ I want to change it to money is the essence’.

Woli Agba stared at him disdainfully and reeled out the lyrics of a Yoruba song with that same title.

‘ No. Daddy, I’m not singing. The one you just mentioned is a song. It’s my topic. Money is the essence. Right now, you will help me open…’ Dele said and swayed from side to side. 

‘ I’m not opening anything’.

‘ Daddy, please’.

‘ Okay’.

‘You’ll open the bible from Genesis to Revelations. Wherever money is being mentioned, please stop’.

‘From Genesis to Revelations?’

‘Yes sir’.

‘ I should open?’

‘ Yes sir’.

Woli Agba faced the church, ‘ this boy is not alright? You can’t preach. Dele, you can’t preach.

Someone from the church pleaded on Dele’s behalf and aggravated Woli Agba’s anger, making him talk as if his body was infested with soldier ants. 

‘Mummy Nike, Dele cannot preach. I’ve never being rude to you. Please don’t interfere in this case’.

Dele and Mummy Nike continued pleading with Woli Agba, fueling his anger to the extent that he push aside his chair. 

‘ Mummy Nike stop… Stop.. In fact, Dara come and preach’.

If you’ve not met Dara before, he was the one who tried to push his handkerchief into Woli Agba’s mouth in a bid to impress him. So, you would understand Dele’s disappointment in Woli Agba’s choice.  

‘ Dara… This Dara… What would Dara say?’

‘ Dara come out to preach…’. 
Be on the look out for the next episode.