Chronicles of Woli Agba: No Dulling Part 5

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As Dara made his way to the front, the Pastor, whose preaching was dull, who prompted the whole problem came around, pushing Dara aside.

Woli Agba was surprised. ‘Pastor what happened?’

Dele also surprised said, ‘ you returned, sir?’

The angry Pastor slammed his bible on the desk. ‘I came back because of this boy. I wasn’t happy on my way home. He was telling me I’m dull. Wasn’t I preaching the Bible?’

Woli Agba being diplomatic. ‘I’m sorry to hear that’.

‘I said what I saw’, Dele explained.

‘You’re not mannered’, the Pastor shouted at Dele.

‘Be calm’.

‘No..No..Daddy’, the Pastor shouted.

‘Pastor… At least, I’m here. Honour my presence’.

Woli Agba pulled him away from Dele as he began to show his sore side. The Pastor managed to push Woli Agba aside and hit Dele’s chest aggressively.

‘I said be patient’.

‘Ah! You hit me on the chest’, Dele shouted.

The banter increased as Dele became furious, ready to beat the Pastor who was also trying to push Woli Agba aside so as to get his revenge.

‘Daddy, I’ll beat him’.

‘Dele, are you alright’, Woli Agba shouted as he maintained his stance of a peacemaker.

Since he couldn’t reach Dele, the Pastor ran to the Woli Agba’s frame, which was hanged at a corner of the church, and carried with the aim of smashing it on Dele. 

‘Ah… Pastor drop me’, Woli Agba screamed. This time he had withdrawn from both of them. ‘ Drop me o’.

‘ Drop my Daddy’s frame’.

Woli Agba began to shake the same way the Pastor fiercely shook the frame. ‘ You’re shaking me… You’re shaking me. Drop me’.

After a bit turbulence and Dele threat to break the Pastor’s head with the church bell, Woli Agba pulled the frame, but fell, ramming into the lectern. This aggravated Dele’s anger that he ran to the Pastor and carried him…. 

Till next time.