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My parents are too harsh, everywhere in the house is hot, i can’t cope anymore, so i gat to leave the house for them to live my own life.

Dad always got drunk and molest my mother. One night i was trying to settle fight among them, guiding my mom, preventing her not to be hit by something, i interfere and dad broke a bottle on my head, i have promised not to return to that house again.

Dad has sent me out when i was 15, look at me now, i’m 25 and i had to survive, you know what i do? I do hard drugs things.

I wanna be more better than my parents, they refuse to take care of e out of what they have, so i gat to go out and look for money, then i was hired by a gambler.

My parent listen and focused on their friends and neighbours matters, forgetting they have one to settle at their home, i got tired of them, so i gat to mingle with friends, since they have no time for me.

Mum goes out and return whenever she like, dad also keeps addicted to his work, he’s got no time for his family and i being the only one to be left at home, i gat no choice to go out and play with my mates, that’s how i know how to drink and smoke.

Victor has refused to go to school doesn’t call for spankings rather sit and down and ask him politely
“What happen? ”
“Why don’t you wanna go to school? ”

It might be one of those reasons
“maybe his school teacher use to beat him, his fear grows”
“maybe his senior was threaten him”
“maybe there’s something you ought to do for him, that you’re not”
A lot of reasons but few to be said.

Parents be nice to your children, give them what they want, take good care of them, give then more attention when needed, don’t let friends influence or lure them into bad habits.
Stop all those bad habits you know which is not good, that even your child can’t inherit from you.. Like smoking, drinking alcohol, adultery.. Etc.

And to you children, listen to your parents, pray for them, even if it’s a little they’ve got to give you, manage it, because that’s what they’ve got. Work hard to take care of them too.
I pray you gonna succeed and to you parents you gonna live long and reap the fruit of your labour.

Olayode Olaiya Joseph