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For a while now in our discussion of theme we touched aspects like

This little post aimed at revealing to the essence of your story. Your story is a plot but the plot must end somewhere. If it’s a romance, will the character lost the woman he had been hoping to marry because of his wicked witch of a mother? Why did he accept? These little questions are the arguments in your story. With your plots, all you are doing is to fully explain your side of the arguments. For example, in the movie Drag Me to Hell, if you were to write an opposing tale, you might want to say that the lady escaped and was never tortured by the woman again. But, for you to make us agree with you, you have to make the characters do things that would compel people to agree with you.

This means that all the elements of the stories must be aimed at building the story. The elements of yours story such as the characters, the plotting, the tone, and all other aspect that must fully explain the reason your theme ended in such way.

Since your arguments are embedded in your story, all you have done was to show us the behaviors of your characters. For example, if you’re exploring patience in your story, the characters must go through the elements that were described eearlier.