Rainy Day In A Poor Character’s House or Area

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During Rainy Period in a poor character houses and area


Greyness of the sky, water splashing from roof 

Leaky roofs for some 

People running to pack their clothes and foodstuffs 

People pouring dirt from dustbins into drainages

Women and children scrambling about to drop buckets and big bowl under roofs

 Fallen soaked clothes

Arrow-like rain pouring 

Trees dancing to the tune of wind

Water dripping from trees

Animals are being ushered into their pen and cages

Children playing gleefully in the rain

Boys and men playing football in the rain

Traders rushing about to cover their wares

Shop owners covering their wares and dragging some into the shops

Rugged or good umbrella being carried about to get goods

Dirties from dirty roof being washed down

Sky devoid of birds

Animals hiding among trees

Earthworm poking out of the soils

Frogs among marshy area

Cars sinking into marshy roads

Overflooding of drainage

Blocked drainages

People falling into drainages because of over-flooding 

People trying to cross and over-flooded road

People drenched in the rain

Flushed bodies

Wet hair

Body hair raising

People shaking

People hiding under shades- shops and houses with open compounds

Stray animals trying to find cover in people’s houses


Rawness of food 

Rottenness of food

Horrible smells of unwashed drainage

Toxic smells of Sewage

An unexplainable smell of cold



A desire for warmth

A desire to hug oneself

Warmth from within


Rushing water

Women shouting at children

Women calling to their neighbours

Splatter of water on roofs

Howling of wind

Noise from dancing trees

Wailing of Power-lines for those living under it.

Silence of animal 

Laughter of children playing in the rain

Wail of children whose parent eventually flog for being in the rain

Whistling sounds of people as they blow air from within
Wet air