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Title: Strange Encounters

Author: Okoribe Arukpo

Publisher: Writertain

Synopsis: Sheila looked forward to a date with Chris an acquaintance; however, her love went the opposite direction, using her as a bait.

Deborah needs money to complete her project but she meets an unlikely source who she fears is intent on sleeping with her.

Ewoma wins the Miss Biebi beauty contest but she is not aware of the hidden agenda that promotes the contest. She must either fight it or stay in the system.

Benjamin ought to be a genius, but he becomes a sacrificial lamb in the battle of wits between Omoefe and Sarki.

Four stories with a hint of reality delivered in precise prose.

You can get this beautiful Novel from any of the following stores;

Okadabooks for 350 Naira
Smashwords for $1 in different formats- PDF, Epub, Rtf, Pdb

You can also read some percent of this work. The preview would be on Okadabooks soon.