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Self-publishing, as we have discussed in one of our previous posts, is something that everyone can do. However, it would take sometimes. You can either use popular self-publishers or you can try doing it yourself. If you want to consider doing it yourself, you would need this checklist to forge ahead.

1. Book Covers Design: you need a well-designed book cover for your books. For example: Imasetng, the official book cover designers for Writertain Publishers.

2. Book Editor: you need a very good book editor to ensure that the book is topnotch.

3. Book Publisher: this refers to the medium you want to use. Are you ready to self-publish the book as an Ebook or as a hardbook or both.

4. Book Distributions: this is your marketer. 

5. Synopsis: the best summary is required to make a great sales

6. Book Reviewers: these are people you can easily talk to make others see the message others have not seen. They enlighten the world about your book before it is being published.

7. Marketing Book Reviews: this is the book review you wrote yourself.

8. Obtaining and Assigning an ISBN ( hardcopy)

9. Obtain Copyright Registration (hardcopy)

10 Printing Press: if you are for hardcopy, you need to get a very good hard copy. A very good example of such person is 

11. Book Launching: the date and all other things required to make sure your book is exposed to the world on a personal level.

12. Awards that can be contested for.

13. Speaking Engagement.