How to Self-Publish Your Book with Origami Books

origami books Dumebi Ezar spider

Let’s discuss self publishing. And today we would be dealing with Origami Imprint.

Origami Imprint is one of the new Self-Publishing houses that came into business in 2013. Some of their authors include Micheal Afenfa, Author of ‘Don’t Die On Wednesday’; Kayode Oguntebi, Author of Viral Lord; Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator, Author of The Spider’s Web.

They are Imprint under the popular Tradopublishing Company, Parresia Publishers. They have helped a lot of Authors work on their books, while ensuring these Authors are involved in the process because what would Self-publishing be, if you’re not carried along?

To work with them,

  1. Simply send your ‘typed’ manuscript to them at as a PDF or Word document.
  2. Don’t paste your work in the body of the email.
  3. Ensure that watermarks’, if included, are legible.
  4. Don’t disable printing functions.

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