How to Self-Publish Your Book with Origami Books

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Let’s discuss self publishing. And today we would be dealing with Origami Imprint.

Origami Imprint is one of the new Self-Publishing houses that came into business in 2013. Some of their authors include Micheal Afenfa, Author of ‘Don’t Die On Wednesday’; Kayode Oguntebi, Author of Viral Lord; Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator, Author of The Spider’s Web.

They are Imprint under the popular Tradopublishing Company, Parresia Publishers. They have helped a lot of Authors work on their books, while ensuring these Authors are involved in the process because what would Self-publishing be, if you’re not carried along?

To work with them,

  1. Simply send your ‘typed’ manuscript to them at as a PDF or Word document.
  2. Don’t paste your work in the body of the email.
  3. Ensure that watermarks’, if included, are legible.
  4. Don’t disable printing functions.