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Metaphor/ Similes/ And Mannerism

For some times now, we’ve being discussing Character’s voice and we divided how to use them into four.

1.Choices of words

  1. Confidence Level
  2. Quirks and Mannerism
  3. Metaphor/ similes/ comparison


Today we would be discussing Metaphor/ Similes/ Comparison.

Character’s voice as we have considered is something that would make your reader go well with your works. In speaking, never allow your character go to some extent in making their language used.

  1. Metaphor Should Be limited: the use of deep and continual metaphor should be by an elderly people or professors or someone that had lived with any of the two. A professor of law is likely to use a lot of metaphors in his speech. While an elderly person would use more of anecdote in his speech.
  2. Similes should be used according to generations: the type of similes people from any generation would use would be extremely different from one another. Therefore, be careful with the way you compare things in their generation.