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Chapter 2

Seeking a Greener Pasture

Stella shook her head despondently. Despite the power she wielded, there was nothing she wished more than to stop being a witch, to stop being in hiding, to stop looking over her shadow, and to have control over her thought. In reaction to her thought, Heetah sent pain to her chest. She winced. Lucifer had placed Heetah in charge of her, to monitor her progress and imaginations. When she started with it, she assumed she was in control, but as she came to grow in her knowledge of its work, she knew she couldn’t control it one bit. Instead, it was the one in charge of her. The pain died down almost as if it never happened.

‘Gladys, I understand you’, Stella said as she flashed a painful smile at Gladys. She was fair in complexion and had a body structure that always taunted Stella’s frail body. Despite the fact that she ate a lot, her body refused to grow bigger. Even her father, the recent one, had a saying that she was a septic tank. Gladys was blessed with a kind of power that could destroy the whole world; that could bring men down to her feet. She was a typical definition of a goddess. She had red lips, dilated pupils, fit body, good skin, long legs, hourglass structure. What more did she want power for? To destroy the lands? Stella guessed Lucifer was about to get another replacement for her. He had tried many times, and all those times the girls had been stupid enough to fail woefully. She would do her best to train Gladys as much as she could, but would also prepare to have another year added to her years because like the others, Gladys had the potential to fail.

‘I don’t think you understand me. I think God isn’t ready to use me. Maybe I’m worthless. Why can’t I get the power to heal the sick or is it truly fiction?’

‘Gladys’, Stella faked a frown and moved about in her long, queenly, black adorning-pink-stone-filled gown. After living in Fortune City for years unnoticed to the witches living there, Stella felt she should be happy to have a protégé. If eventually Gladys became the new wife of Lucifer, Stella would have the chance to go to the mansion Lucifer had promised her. Despite visiting the place many times, she had a nagging feeling of doubt. Demons were masters of illusion. Their master, Lucifer, was an illusion himself.

Stella had moved from one territory of Fortune City to another. Now, being in Black Town had opened her to something she never had the chance to do – having a protégé.

‘Yes. I’ve read about it on different websites, where many atheists proved that God doesn’t exist. I’m tired’.

Stella studied Gladys’s spiritual hedge. Her spiritual doorways were ajar, and that was good for the entrance of demons into her body. A new demon could enter her without much trouble. Gladys was foolish, even Lucifer was aware of God’s existence and couldn’t dispute the fact.

‘Gladys, calm down! Let me pray with you. Rather, let me pray for you. Calm down’.

They were in the prayer room, and it gave Stella an ample opportunity to do whatever she wanted. Heetah displayed to her spiritual mind the demon tormenting Gladys, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Gladys kept shouting in the physical. However, the demon shouting at Gladys’ spiritual being was as small as a rabbit. Her spirit was crouched on the ground in a corner, whimpering and crying in fear when she was supposed to scare the demon away. Her soul saw her position and transmitted it to her reasoning as torments.

Stella asked her to kneel down. Gladys hurriedly did so.

‘Say spirit of the power of the lord’, Stella said after she had told Gladys to raise her hands. Gladys repeated the chant.

‘Say, I desire you today, lord. Take over’, Stella said and Gladys repeated it.

That’s one thing she loved about Christians: they were so naive to believe the Lord would allow another spirit into them aside from the Holy Spirit.

Stella did the sign of the inverted cross to mock Jesus’ death on the cross, and to make the demon coming know that she had given it access to Gladys’s spirit.

Gladys began to shiver. Stella smirked. She hadn’t even done anything. Another thing she hated Christians for. They allowed emotions to be in charge of their soul and invariably their spirit. That was how she watched a video that detailed the life of a fake evangelist. The wicked man made the video among his drunk friends. He played a video of how he would touch people and they would fall as if something had touched. Whereas, he merely played with their emotions.

‘Receive power’.


‘Let it begin to move from the top of your head to your belly’.


Stella watched Heetah conjure a demon of power and directed it into Gladys body. Without wasting time, the demon connected her soul to her

spirit, and it took control of her soul. Normally, a supreme being ought to be in charge of the spirit. So, if one allowed one’s soul to be in control of the spirit, one was subject to whomever one had sold one’s soul to.

‘Shout Glory’.


‘Gladys, you will begin to see things. Tell me, can you see anything?’

This time, Gladys’ eyes were still closed and she was vibrating. ‘I can see a light going off. We need to pray. Everywhere is dark’.

Stella smiled. She had no need to destroy the newcomer any longer. Her new protégé would.

Gladys looked excited and the joy that radiated in her heart poured out through her face. She couldn’t stop saying ‘Glory, Hallelujah’ as they headed for their cars. They greeted the security men who answered them excitedly. Leaving the church was a relief for the lazy gatemen. Stella headed to her car, and saw Mr. Akanni, the rich businessman, their church member, walking towards a tired, power-drunk Gladys.

Stella smiled warily as cold breeze brushed her, and a storm began to disturb the peace of the night. If she hadn’t known better, she would have agreed that it was a normal rain breeze. Despite the darkness that cloaked the whole area, she could still see the backyard of a house because of the bulb the occupants placed there. The back of the house had many trees, which shook vigorously in tune with the storm. Even the plantain stalks among them danced terribly. She sighed and started the car. The process of taking over had begun, and it would soon eat down into Black Town. If given the chance, she would have loved to be the one in charge of overseeing Lucifer’s next plan for Black Town. Suddenly, one of the plantain stalks crashed.

She sighed again. There was a popular knowledge that a fallen plantain does so to give room for a sprouting one. She had just received her confirmation. Gladys’ training must start in earnest.

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Grabbing The Hot Gate (A Novel) By Akíntayo Akinjide

When Gladys got to her doorstep, she met her thirteen-year-old friend, Elizabeth, sitting there, waiting for her, gazing into the grey sky. The light from the white bulb under which she sat was not helping matters. A lot of insects danced around it.

‘Baby, what? Why are you here?’

‘Miss. G, I told my mum, I would sleep over at your place. We have a visitor’.

‘Oh!’ Gladys said and shook her head. Elizabeth’s mother was a typical harlot, and she had just proved herself to be one. How would she allow her daughter sleep at her neighbour’s place because a man had come to her place?

She led Elizabeth into her room. She lived in a room and parlor self-contain. If not for her sisters’ school at Greencity, she was sure her mother would have lived with her. Even at that, the woman still had ways of disturbing her peace. For that reason, Gladys visited and slept at her place every Friday, to return to Black Town the next day. She looked at Elizabeth, and knew the only thing the little girl needed was power to be free from her mother’s clutch.

As usual, before she slept, she called her mother, who ranted that she should have called earlier. They discussed and talked about little things. Gladys reminded her to watch out for the merchandise coming from Fundel Collections. Those clothes were special to her. Her mother whined about how she wasn’t her servant; yet, Gladys knew she would collect it on her behalf.

Gladys disconnected the call and slept off in peace. One day, she would be free from her mother’s insistence on them talking to each other each day. But today, she had to be the mother of a girl, whose mother was in bed with another man. That night the storm howled terribly and it rained heavily.


Japheth moved about impatiently with Matthew, and wished he hadn’t raised his hands when the announcer was calling for first-timers. He had only felt the need to overcome his urge to always have sexual intercourse. It had taken him off course, and made him lack the will to talk to Mirabel, a nurse at the hospital he worked.

After he attended to the little girl that was convulsing, he tried to explain what the mother should do to avoid the repetition of such, but the mother wasn’t in the mood to listen to him. She grabbed her daughter and stormed into the church as if he was wrong to have saved the little girl. Matthew flashed him a smile as if he was used to the woman’s temper, and he led the way outside, limping.

‘So, Mr. Japheth, we would be in touch with you. Nice having you around. We would be expecting you on Wednesday. You would come now?’

‘I’ll try’.

Matthew turned, limping terribly. ‘Don’t miss it for anything. You know it’s painful you missed our three days of worship. It comes up every first three days of the month. The November edition held last week. You don’t want to miss December’s own. Then, you almost missed our seven days’ program. I’m even happy you didn’t have to wait till 2017 before tasting the greatness of God in our Church’.

He nodded and Matthew explained how God was in need of him. In fact, Matthew might have kept rambling if a lady hadn’t hurriedly whispered into his ears. Japheth exhaled as he entered his car and drove off.

If he hadn’t seen the Church, he would have been with a lady. Not just any lady, a young girl, Alexis, whose life he ought to impact. But, he just couldn’t control his urge around her, maybe because they explored different sexual fantasies together. He was driving to pick her up when he saw the Church. He stopped and reconsidered his plan as his mind dashed back to one of the numerous messages Mirabel sent to him through WhatsApp. He had never for once told her about his sexual escapades; yet, she always had a way of sending the precise message to him. How would one tell the lady he was falling in love with that he couldn’t control the little man within his zip?

Immediately he saw the Church, he called Alexis and told her he had to attend to something in the hospital. She ranted about how he made her prepare, but he knew she would get over it. She always claimed she was in love with him, and he knew he loved her, maybe not as much as he loved Mirabel.

Now that he had told Alexis that he wouldn’t be at home he couldn’t go home early. She knew whenever he called like that, he would return home late. If he returned early, she would compel his gateman to tell her the truth about his time of arrival, and that would be a cause of trouble for him. So, he dialed Mirabel’s number, and she informed him that she was about to leave the hospital.

‘Don’t get a bike, I’ll come for you’.

She joked about how he wanted to act like Superman. He laughed at her joke and headed for the hospital. When he almost got to the hospital, he sighted her from afar. She was still putting on her white nurse uniform, and had a red bag dangling from her hand as she glanced from side to side. He honked immediately he stopped in front of her. She was intimidatingly tall, straight, fair, and had two deep dimples that drew him to her always, that always gave him the inspiration to make her smile. Her big glasses were shaped in the same way the animators designed the eyes of Jasmine of the animation ‘Aladdin’. She had her fair share of bust.

‘Hello, Beauty’.

‘Hello Beast’, she said as she slumped into the seat beside him. ‘How long did it take you to get here?’

‘Ten minutes’.

‘That’s five minutes short of the time it would take you to get to my Church from here. It takes me like fifteen minutes on a bike’.

‘You and your Church’.

She brought out her phone and began to type into it, claiming she had to reply all the WhatsApp messages she had received.

‘What’s for dinner?’

She looked up and hissed. ‘You should have told me earlier. Now, I’ll be going to a restaurant with my uniform’.

‘Hey! I never said we were going for dinner’.

She bared her teeth at him, and smiled, revealing her deep dimples. If he should go down the lane of arguing about dinner with her, she would win. So he chose to take her to a fast food around the corner.

‘Nah! Let’s go home first. I have to change my dress’.

They drove to her house, which she shared with her mother. However, her mother had travelled to Greencity because her sister, Mirabel’s aunt, had gone missing. They said she saw the vision and someone kidnapped her.

Mirabel changed into blue jean trousers, and a plain red shirt. By the time she was coming out, he was outside his car. He stared at her hungrily, and wished he could find a solution to his problem on time. She had tied her loosed hair to a bun and now looked amazing to him. Her glasses adorning her face intrigued him the more, broadening his smile.

She glanced at herself and at him in the little light from the streetlight shining over him. ‘What? Is the cloth not fine? You can’t expect me to wear a gown after the whole day’s business? I’m not even your girlfriend’.

‘Of course. You’re just my sister’.

She bared her teeth at him.’ I’m your mother’.

‘Do you know you always look like a rat when you bare those teeth?’

‘Ah!’ She yelled and hit him repeatedly as he kept giggling.

They drove off into the night, and they went to have a nice dinner. They talked generally. Whenever he was with her, he was always free. When he returned her to the house, she refused to allow him to enter.

‘Jaf, I’m not a virgin. Not proud of it, but I can’t… You’, she said and stared into the little lamp her neighbor placed near the tray of bread she displayed for sale. Japheth rubbed her shoulder as he crumpled the bunch of keys in his other hand.

‘I just wanted to while away time. So, don’t bother’.

She sucked in air as if it was cooling off her steaming body. ‘It’s not your fault. I don’t know why I can’t stay in the same room with my best friend when I can stay around a lot of other guys’.

He smiled and tapped her cheek. ‘The feeling is mutual’.

‘Then we need prayer’.

He nodded in response.

‘And I know where we can go’.

‘Where…? Don’t say it. I know. Your Church?’

‘My Church. Or we can go to that Prayer group we used to go before you suddenly stopped due to what happened.’

‘Are they not the same people in your Church?’

She nodded. ‘So let’s go to my Church’.

‘Your Church’, he nodded and entered his car. She glanced at her phone and typed a reply to someone as he started the car. ‘Did I tell you I have a Church now?’

Her eyes widened. That was the expression he wanted to see. He drove off before she could react. And she did react, running after his car, but he was far gone and didn’t stop until he got home.

When he got to the gate, Chuks, his gateman, hailed him. The man always reeked of alcohol, but he still couldn’t understand how he still always remained sober. By this time, a cold breeze had begun to gather.

‘Tonight. I won’t sleep’, Chuks shouted as Japheth walked towards the house, playing with the bunch of keys. As against his custom, he turned to Chuks, ‘You better sleep. Tomorrow is Monday. I’m leaving for work early. And stop blabbing. I’ve told you to stop drinking’.

‘Boss. The strongman’.

He shook his head as he marveled at how God made two good things happen to him that day, if not three. He ditched Alexis and went after Mirabel. From the look of things, Mirabel was ready to accept his offer, but he still wanted to bid his time until he was sure he was ready. Alexis would have expected his call for him to explain how work was hectic and so on. Instead, he dialed Mirabel’s Glo line. He just loved their network above the others for no reason.

Being a Christian had been his priority since he got saved in his final year at school. He derailed but he had to retrace his path back to Christ and had to start living like a Christian. He had to gain his life from the claws of fornication before it was too late. He had to pick himself off the ground, dust his body, and return to the feet of God.

Whatever he planned got scraped out of his mind as he inserted his key into its hole. The door wasn’t locked. Does that mean he left the door open like that when he left home? Although he trusted Chuks, few people have authority over temptation, especially if they weren’t Christians.

He unbuttoned and pulled off his striped shirt as he dumped the key on the center table in the sitting room, and increased the sound of his stereo player. He was fond of switching off the stereo player, and locking the door before leaving home, but he didn’t do any before leaving home. That means that in his desire to get to Alexis, he had left the song playing.

The stereo was playing Sade Adu’s song ‘Jezebel’ as he slung his shirt over his shoulder and dragged himself to the room. The next day, he would get some Christian songs to supplement his desire for God.

However, what he met in the bedroom made him shout. Sitting on the bed, naked and beautiful, was Alexis. He bit his lower lip as he stared at her. She was once his savior in her little way, but now he couldn’t classify her as one. She was becoming a disease; one he must treat before she caused his demise.

‘Why are you staring at me? Come to mummy. Come and take cowbell’.

‘Not today… I went to church’.

‘What? Awwwnn… Jaffy is becoming a husband material. Good. But now that you have scabash, come and lash me too’.


‘Must I describe everything with my mouth?’

‘Whatever… Just put on your clothes. I’m driving you home. What’s the time?’


’10:43. We can still make it to your house’.

‘What’s this levels? Why are you acting like this? Stop telling me Jack Robinson. Come here… Why must we always act this film every day. The series is over. Let’s play the game of obedience and you go first’.

‘I’m not a virgin, but this is not cool at all. We should think of something better’.

‘Shhh… Come to bed, now’.

He held his breath and closed his eyes as he hoped he would be able to hold himself. But she was becoming saucy and that one thing about her excited him.

‘I’m not doing you any good?’

‘If you’re not doing me good, no one else will. Come here now, boy’.

He blinked repeatedly as he climbed the bed, unzipping his trousers, hoping God would forgive him, that he would get victory over his love for fornicating with her. Maybe he should leave home for a long time, and go to Mirabel’s Church. They were best friends; she could even help get a place to sleep till he could overcome Alexis’ control over him. But how would he be free if he ran? Running wouldn’t help in anyway. He had to fight for his freedom before January 1st.

He came back to the pleasure of the moment when Alexis meowed like a cat, while rain started to fall outside.

Okay… Let’s a breathe

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Grabbing The Hot Gate (A Novel) By Akíntayo Akinjide

Stella’s parrot, Jiggs, shrieked and flapped everywhere in the house. Bits of its feathers sprinkled the room, some of them dropping on her lips. She rolled off her bed. Spitting the bits that fell into her mouth, she hurriedly switched on the light, and stood in a safe corner of her room to see Jiggs.

‘Jiggs… Jiggs… Shut your trap. Can’t a girl sleep without your disturbance?’

Jiggs kept raving about something and she yelled for him to stop.

‘I can’t get you. What’s the time? It’s…’ She glanced at her wall clock.

‘They are coming. The witches are on their way here’, Jiggs shrieked.

‘It is 1.46a.m. What? Who? Who is coming? The Witches… Oh!’

Her first reaction was to sit back and watch them crash into the mighty protection she had placed on the compound. Then, it occurred to her that no matter how deceptive her protection was, the witches would know the source. A typical Christian home is always surrounded by a type of fire that no witch can duplicate, and fierce angels, who would take it upon themselves to sometimes preach to the witches. She ran out to the sitting room, and with a wave of the hand, opened the door. She ran outside. In her haste, she didn’t wear a slipper. The consequences of which was that she would climb the cold ground. Despite the cold rain, these witches still had longing to have a party at her house. Nigerian witches are big time fools. She waved into the sky and sent energy into the sky, destroying the protection.

‘Lucifer, I hate you’, she screamed. The protection on her house took her three whole week to build. It was a special type that required a lot of sacrifices. She had done it to make every activity in her house obscure to the world. Now, the protection had to be removed because Lucifer wanted her to keep the act. Like the Christian Bible said, it is always hard to build but easy to destroy.

She rushed into her room, and glanced at Jiggs that flew right at her. With a snap of the finger, she turned it into a bible and didn’t give it time to oppose.

‘Now, be useful for the first time’, she mumbled. If she hadn’t made it inanimate, it would have reacted. She hurriedly got down on her knees and began to pray. All alarms in her body blared as the witches landed in her compound, using the body of their familiars. They weren’t knowledgeable about how to use those familiars, they only turned to their familiars in the night. They hurriedly transformed into their body, about five of them, Christiana leading the way.

She focused on the traditional prayers that had been known to be cloaked like the Christian’s prayer. Immediately they barged into her sitting room, she changed her prayer from the traditional method to ancient curses. She would have gone deeper, but she preferred the one used by the mothers of the unforgiving shed. The witches screamed immediately they heard it, and began to yell. Their noises could be heard outside the house, but she was lucky that her house was somehow secluded to the corner of the street.

‘I beckon on all the mothers of Nigeria, and Fortune City to destroy this woman. She is disturbing us with the name Jesus’, Christiana shouted as she seemed to get control of herself.

Stella had to pretend as if she didn’t see them. That was frustrating. She could have sent one straight plain English curse to them. But hurriedly, she sent a counter-curse to them, and Heetah surrounded her with blazing fire. Christiana, who was advancing towards her with a rusty knife that was once buried in the cave of the ghosted, yelled and crashed into the chairs. The other witches, seeing this, rallied round and burgled her outside.

‘The great one is coming. She would destroy you. She would destroy your power and the name you look up to’, Christiana yelled as the others pulled her out.

They transformed into their familiars and disappeared. Stella yelled in anger and frustration that she didn’t get the chance to enjoy that moment. If she had been allowed to use her hands on them, they wouldn’t have breath left in them anymore. She slumped into the chair that wasn’t tampered with. Now, she had to rearrange the house and start her protection spell again.

With a snap of her fingers, she turned the bible into a parrot. Jiggs complained and ranted about how cruel she was, as if she didn’t know. The work the demons have left for her wasn’t that much but it would have been better if she got someone to help her. She was tired because of using a lot of energy.

‘Heetah, you’re so useless. Simple house chore you can’t do’.

He made a sound, like a leer. She hissed, crawled back to bed and checked the time. It was 1.51a.m. They didn’t even spend a lot of time. The longest fight she had ever had, that had almost made her lose her life was with Nancy, and that was 50 years ago.

The book is out.

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Grabbing The Hot Gate (A Novel) By Akíntayo Akinjide