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Today on my #Fortunecity4, I will talk on people that I got connected to because of our love for Books. #Fortunecity4 is a story inspired by my story (A Dread in The Spine #ADITS). Who are your Fortunecity4?

I might not have much to say because we really began to break the ice between us in the tail end of December, but I can’t go without talking about Glory Anna Oshafi, Debbie Oyegue, Keren Adelaja.

Glory Anna Oshafi, we were course mates in UI but became friends this NYSC years. We started by wrecking havocs together online, giving savage replies, and having the same view to the same joke. Our ice began to break when we both loved Percy Jackson, and wanted to show how much of it we’ve read. Maybe we both had a reason to be friends, but didn’t follow it through. I remember how she and someone won the spelling bees for my department, while I and Olamide, a departmental mate, won the quiz competition for the department (all those excos sef refused to give me my certificate for winning). But ever since, we’ve always been drawn together by books- especially mine. She blogs about books at If you want to encounter a voracious reader, who has read the oddest of book, meet her. And I love books. I love readers. That’s why having our own bookstores like Okadabooks, Buboox, Flipng and our various bookstores.

Also, Keren (Evajael), We were both excited to talk to each other the first time we had the opportunity. She because the moderator, Divepen, wanted to chat with her. Me because the lady whose story threads got close to, if not more than, 100 pages on Nairaland on just one story. One page has 32 comments. For her to have such level of committed followers was just too sweet.

She also became my friend and had remain so through books. She was gushing over my book, Grabbing The Hot Gate, and I feel she is an inspiration. She just got admission into the University; yet, she has a great command of the use of English language. She inspires me to know that I’m getting older per time and can’t just relent.
Debbie Oyegue, Debbietiyan also became a friend with me after saying she loved to criticize my book, Purified Tomorrow. That book, I felt it didn’t get enough details, so when she resonated my thoughts, I knew this is the person I want as a friend. And since then, I have always wanted to discuss plots with her. She is always excited whenever her story makes FrontPage on Nairaland, and would go to the extent of sending me an appreciation letter as if I did it. Whereas, my job is to recommend to the Admin, Mynd44. But meeting you in a short while had exposed me to the fact that I need to learn more. I must also commend your entries into the story ‘Writertain Chronicle: ‘Few and Deep’. More so, she can like to have all the books in the world in her house. I’ve seen books I’m dreaming of getting in her hands.
I read her criticism, and I saw some writing jargons that were used in the write world, and I felt this is someone that know her onions. She blogs about books at

These three have helped in one way or the other to Fortunecity Nigeria. Although we didn’t have the connection of a group, I can’t help but talk about them because they were connected in my books especially ‘Purified Tomorrow- one as an editor, the other as a better reader, the other as a pure reader.
Thanks guys.

Who are your #fortunecity4 ?