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Experts In Their Fields
Today on #Fortunecity4
These three people made me know that you don’t need to shout in training. In their small corner, these guys are making waves and I met them at NYSC orientation camp. They are Emmanuel Ujiadughele, Ajayi Olayinka, Abiodun Olubunmi.

Of the three, I think I was closer to Bunmi first. She was one very fair lady that many guys loved to ask out. When I see a lady facing such trauma, I always feel for them, and love to gentle around them because the numerous wooing and constant calls can make them frustrated. So, when we were writing for OBS, and I had to work with her, I made sure I was gentle around her, but she didn’t know I’m not gentle. Well, from there we both became friends, but not as deep as most I have had with many others. However, there are things that make a man’s heart burn. Most times, I’m not always freaked by her beauty. Instead, her ability to tie beautiful gele’s make me stand in awe of her. This is one lady that goes about in her gentility and has the patience to do something as unique as gele tying.
Meanwhile, Emma…Oh! God. He’s a double character. As a leader, he is gentle and wise, but when he is involved in anything termed creative, he is someone else. I always watch the ease with which he handled ‘Love calls’ at the orientation camp, and I always feel I’ve never heard a better person talk about love on Radio. He just published his book on Okadabooks and Smash words and distributed it through writertain.
Then, Yinka is one other photographer that still makes me wonder why I wasn’t born with anything creative. Don’t look at me. Most things I do now, I had to learn to love them, and finally called them passion. But these ones work as if they are breathing the thing they do. It’s really beautiful to be a friend to all of them. Yinka as many of us always conclude is one of the gentlest person I’ve ever encountered. His introspections and love for dimensions in photography always make me wonder what would happen when he becomes popular.
These sets of friends make me want to do more in the little I know how to do.
A typical day with them is like this.
‘Akin, I’m going to the hostel’.
‘Why now?’
‘What are we doing? When you need me send a WhatsApp message’.
‘I don’t have data to send message’.
‘What always happen to your data? Do you eat it’, Yinka would say and shake his head.
‘Your phone is good’, I would say, ‘you can ask google’.
Then, he would leave me to join Emmanuel and Bunmi, who were discussing in a corner.
‘Emma, why are you staring at me like that?’ Bunmi would ask.
Emma would hiss and beckon at me.
‘Child of Woli, come here. Come and interpret this to this girl’.
I would hurry to his side, and begin to give funny English interpretations while he either tell her that she was fair because she talked rudely while being created and was thrown into hot oil as punishment. Then, the oil was the one used to anoint him.
Thus, we would continue our joke.
However, I must still look at them as inspirations in their little way. Keep working guys, I’m your biggest fan.
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