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  • Wow wow wow! I am really enjoying the writertain class and I must confess I have learnt a whole lot of things. I’m used to writing for writing sake without thinking about the message I want to pass across to the audience but that has changed. In just one week,I got to know that theme is very important while writing a story. I can’t wait for weeks ahead to learn new stuffs. Thank you writertain,you guys are the best of the best

  • Week one was wonderful. Unfortunately I could only attend two classes, or submit my assignments. Despite that, I learnt a lot from the writertain fiction class last week. Thanks

  • Week one, was really wonderful….infact I was able to do what I couldn’t do and I can say that I have more courage and I’m more bold to call myself a writer! Thanks so much writertain!!


  • Week one was great. I learnt how themes help our works and was able to identify themes from other people’s work. I was pushed to write, put works out and interact with other writers, admist learning the virtues of keeping to time and being disciplined.

    The interaction with authors and more experienced writers also gave me a lot.

    I look forward to learning so much more. Thank you Writertain.