3 thoughts on - General Testimonial

  • Writertain has helped me to see that I’m a writer. I’ve been given connect with established writers and the opportunity to be encourged by them and to ask them questions.

    I’ve seen basic helpful tools that help writers. I’ve seen that how to be a writer is by writing and very importantly, I’ve been pushed to write.

    Thank you Writertain!

  • Wow wow wow!
    It was a wonderful and fun filled one month writing class. I am glad I was part of this wonderful writing class. I got to learn a lot of thing I wouldn’t have known if not for the opportunity given to me by Divepen.
    My writing will never be the same I swear. Watch me as a make some noise

  • Wow wow wow!
    Thank you to everyone behind this beautiful innovative,Divepen in particular. It was a much needed coaching class for me. I learnt a lot from the one month class and all I can say is God bless you.
    To all the beautiful writers who came and lectured us,thank you for sparing your time to lecture us.
    Thank you Divepen,you deserve all the accolades in the world. You will go places by God’s grace.