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Every story has characters that are very close. Their sort of friendship surprises the readers. Most writer’s always build this intuitively but learning their core elements can enhance your use. Below are some of the ways you can achieve this closeness in your story.

  • How did they meet; You should be able to let us know how and why they became friends. Give us their History, how did they meet? were they child hood friends or did they meet at the spa? for example; “Jade laughed as she hugged her cousin, who also happened to be her best friend. Sonia stood up for her against her bullies. She smiled again as she remembered how they had first met”. Here, jade was able to tell us how they first met thereby giving us an insight of their friendship background when these points are activated on, the characters automatically become closer.
  • Finding a point they agree; Every character has his/her flaws and every character should differ from each other. It may be difference in their speech, what they like or dislike e.t.c. Therefore when bringing two or more characters closer as friends, they should be able to have one or more thing they have/share in common. “Jade stifled a smile as she watched Sonia’s face scrunch up in disgust after she had placed a plate of fried eggs and chips in front of her. Sonia huffed and hissed as she stormed out of the kitchen. Jade hurriedly drew the food to herself as she wasted no time in devouring it. she wondered why Sonia hated fried eggs and chips, one would think because they were best friends they loved the same things, the only thing they loved was pizza and carrot cakes but one would wonder how they were friends the first place because of so many differences they had”. Finding a center where they meet makes the characters appear much more real thereby giving the writer more to write about the characters.
  • Make it real; in real life most friends do certain things that bring them closer there by, tightening their friendship bond. As writers, you should be able to create a reality of friendship between the characters. Like what do real friends do in reality? Do they spend time together? do they like gisting or telling each other their newest discoveries? All these things needs to be shown because theses things help achieve the closeness among characters. for instance; “Jade hurried into the school cafeteria as her eyes darted to and from searching for her friend Sonia, excitement surge through her chest as she saw Sonia walking towards her. Jade quickly started walking towards her friend as she was eager to tell her about her newest discovery of Mr Thomas their Maths Teacher”. Jade was eager to see Sonia. We should be able to make readers understand that you are bringing the real life into the story through the characters. You can’t simply tell us jade couldn’t wait to tell her Sonia her friend about the Maths Teacher when you’ve not shown us if they spent time together gisting or talking about some random things. When all theses points are made, the characters simply become closer and everything falls into place.