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Boldscholar is an education-based e-commerce platform, which aims at creating visibility for academic contents, such as books, journals and articles written by authors, researchers and academic institutions.

It is another self-publishing website that operates like Okadabooks

On the website, you’re allowed to publish

  • Books (softcopies and printed copies)
  • Journals
  • Audio Books/Messages
  • Research Papers
  • Lifestyle Articles
  • Magazines
  • Projects/Theses

However, Journal publishing is restricted to institutional bodies and lecturers.

In that vein, Boldscholar takes care of the marketing while the author simply makes money.
It is tailored to serve academic institutions, where mostly youths, who have the hunger for books, are found. Beyond merely reading your work for entertainment, on Boldscholar, author’s work can become an object of academic research.
Boldscholar is registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission(CAC) and an official partner of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA).

To Sell Your Book

  1. Visit Boldscholar
  2. Click on Publish, Register, Log in and Publish your work. Remember to confirm your email.

What Do You Stand To Gain?

To publish and sell works on Boldscholar is FREE. However, for every sale the author makes:


  • takes 28% for softcopies
  • 15% for printed copies.

They pays every month, no matter how small or huge a sum author’s work generates.
More so, you can monitor sales through automated email notification of sales, through author’s account dashboard and through download counts on your work..

For more Information:

phone 08131007386
Facebook @boldscholar
Twitter @boldscholar
Instagram @boldscholar

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