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This is a publishing house that was started to help self-publishers. It is a Christian-based organization and it operates mainly on self-publishing. The name of its book imprinting house is Jifar Global Concept. They have taken it upon themselves to give your work a professional look regardless of your budget.
Its operation is like or, they create your books in a print-on-demand format.
To Get your book published through them, these are the steps to follow:
1. Professionally edit your manuscript and send : in other words, they allow you the writer to do that to your taste. Nevertheless, they have their own proofreaders that would make sure it gets to their standard of production and send it to them.
2. They would give you a quote: this means that you need money. Once their editors approve your manuscript, you will get the amount needed for the production.
3. Appointment: Once you approve their quote, they will give you an appointment as regarding the day you can visit their office. You should note that their appointment might be over a month because they have a lot of people they work with per time.
4. An Agent Will Be Assigned To You: this is the person you will work with during the production of your book.

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