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“A BOSS is someone that Builds Outstanding Success Successfully” – Felix Stephen Kelechi
Every year, eligible Nigerian graduates from tertiary institutions undergo a mandatory one year of service to their nation.
Newsflash! Many people come out of the NYSC scheme worse than they entered because they went in without a clue of why they were going for service in the first place.
I can imagine your thoughts. You are probably thinking “Isn’t the reason pretty obvious? I mean, completing the service year gives you a better chance at getting good paying jobs”.
Well, that thought is true in its own way but I can assure you, thinking like that may land you in the category of those that come out of the service year with little or no difference.
You see, everyone is given the same 12 months to serve our great country Nigeria. Why then do some corps members come out of the service year more fulfilled than the rest?
The answer lies not so much in where they served but in “How” they went about their service year.
This is why I wrote the book “How to Finish NYSC Like a Boss”.
Before you continue reading, I want you to take a pause and ask yourself a couple of questions. You see, I was also as clueless as you are right now till I asked myself these same questions about five days into the orientation program. These questions have to do with the WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW & WHEN family.
Ask yourself;
  • Why am I in the NYSC?
  • What do I hope to achieve at the end of the service year?
  • Why do I want to achieve these things?
  • How can I make these goals a reality?
  • Who are the key people I need to meet to realize my goals?
  • When Do I plan to start and finish each of these goals?

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These questions will get you thinking.

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Fondly called the NYSC Bible, “How To Finish NYSC Like A Boss” aims to guide readers on ways to succeed in their NYSC year and beyond in life. It offers:
  • Tips to maximize the orientation camp experience
  • Information on community development service (CDS) and ways to fully utilize the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) program of the NYSC
  • A Step by step guide to creating a personal vision for your life
  • Lessons on how to build strong networks and manage new or existing relationships using the EBA concept
  • Insights on the most openly kept secret to success
  • A view of the paradigm shift in the NYSC scheme.
What’s more? The book also shares experiences of previous corps members, teaches how to thrive in difficult areas and provides an opportunity for mentorship. I believe having a mentor is key to success and that is why I have teamed up with some of my friends that scaled up their businesses and career life from service year to teach you how to do the same.
Finishing Nysc like a boss is not rocket science once you know the “How-To” so hurry up and grab your own copy of the book.
I can’t wait to meet you inside

Felix Stephen Kelechi

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