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It’s really a dread in the spine. The suspense, and it’s not predictable .Eventually the kidnapper would be revealed but you can never tell who it is going this be.
Nosa:Nosa is a confused fellow, I think. He’s stocked with shayla, in love with Chloe, insanely in love with Moriah. How come a whole detective got kidnapped? But I like his personality.
Chloe: I love this character,you see her as the holiest but oh my G,she’s a psycho. I love her dressing sense,her love for flowers and gardens. She’s smart; that place where she asked her nosy neighbour to go towards the toilet at the hospital. She even killed her father inlaw, is she that heartless or just a psycho.
Moriah: a geek who preferred to be seen as a proustite, also in love with Nosa,Chloe’s bitch, shayla’s supplier,a daughter of a pastor who decided her father is dead to her. I Love the fact that she’s a geek.
Raphael: Fine nigga, Ladies man,Chloe’s puppet, Nosa’s best friend until there was the case of him raping moriah. Him alone knew what Chloe was and he had her back till the end.
Shayla:Obsessed with Nosa, I was already thinking she was the kidnapper.
Mummy church:ehn ,she deserved what she got ,she can so misinterpret. She probably would’ve survived if she didn’t piss Chloe off.
Agnes:her peperepe is too much.
Joana: joana joana,lucky you after all the mess you’ve been through.
Nosa’s father:I felt for the man tho. Funny man, when Chloe was about to kill him he said he could still go back .
Chloe was the only one who disappointed Nose,and that made him cold. What will be her next move?
You really need to get this book, it’s beautiful ,it is sweet,it is…….. Just get it…. Ah…